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The Importance of the Arms Industry In Diplomacy

“In the 1990s, the United States controlled 60 percent of the global weapons market.  Today, it is responsible for only about 30 percent.”

“The formula for success was simple: by producing.  A range of affordable yet sophisticated weapons, the Pentagon and its contractors would crush any rivals.”

“By focusing on cutting-edge technology and developing excessively expensive defense systems, Washington has left the door open for foreign competitors to market practical weapons at an affordable cost.”

Why this matters:

1. “Today’s conventional arms, such as aircraft and missiles, involve highly complex feats of engineering. Because the up front expenses are astronomical, the price can be lowered on a per-unit basis only by producing many copies. That makes exports all the more vital.”

2.(the big one) “When Washington makes a weapons deal, the partner country is unlikely to deploy those arms in a manner at odds with the United States’ interests, which would threaten its access to those very weapons. So the more weapons Washington sells, the more control it has over security decisions made abroad.”

You want those replacement parts to keep your hardware running when you need it? You’ll just have to behave yourself.

Source: Foreign Affairs September/October 2012
Arms Away
Johnathan Caverly and Ethan B. Kapstein

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