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US Stops Training Afghans

Gracious!  The US probably has more deaths from suicides and from their own Afghan trainees than from actually fighting the enemy.  How can this be?  Everyone knows the US military is full of invincible gods with ninja skills – after all, I saw the commercial with the jazzy music and the badass choreography. You mean giving away lollipops and pez to children didn’t buy their unending loyalty?

This is the new warfare, the mindwar.  Guns and shooting are only part of it.  Unfortunately, the only thing the US really excels at is the killing part.  We have super-duper drones, surveillance cameras on every corner, FLIR, MOAB, night vision, but we just can’t get people to like us.  We see the same thing here in the homeland with the police and their brutality.  Too much stick and too little carrot.

Expect more of this, and in different forms in the future.  Machines and technology are no substitute for superior men. Diversity or excellence?  The US has chosen diversity and thus has damned itself to mediocrity.  When add to this the complete denial of HBD and the persecution of anyone telling the truth, our defeats are guaranteed.

6 responses to “US Stops Training Afghans

  1. stonerwithaboner September 3, 2012 at 7:48 am

    oh, looky here a white nationalist video game….

    it’s no unreal tournament….you sure “you guys” are the bestest at everything….

    (yeah, that nazi oi music was unlistenable, couldn’t get past 3 minutes of it….)

  2. Boker tov levanon September 3, 2012 at 9:00 pm

    Consider this:
    Yes, there are diversity hires in the US military, usually female. They don’t end up training Afghan forces because the Special Forces guys take care of that- overwhelmingly patriotic, capable, gung-ho, and white. It is the most ethnically homogeneous of group in the military, as it happens, and you must be male to apply.
    Afghan forces told Americans working at the incinerator they used for Qurans that they were improperly handling the holy books. The Afghans were rebuffed. The Americans assumed it wasn’t that serious- they are told by their superiors about the dire importance of looking both ways before crossing the street all the time. Soon after it turned into a publicity nightmare.
    It is that condescending attitude that caused such a fissure between American forces and Afghan peoples. It has more to do with the fact that these guys just wanted to do their job and go home, but the “America, fuck yeah” attitude is often (and sometimes correctly) construed as air of superiority. In a tribal culture that values personal dignity, that is unacceptable.
    Tribal members see a the results of a vast bureaucracy with little observable reason or judgment on the ground, only tasks to be completed, and this is foreign and sinister to someone coming from a family-centered society.
    The Coalition’s goal in Afghanistan has been “winning the hearts and minds of the Afghan people” for a while now. The problem is not “too much stick,” it’s that their carrots still taste like shit.
    Giovanni always had the vision for this project, I think, and Eric always produces pertinent and incredibly thoughtful material. Who are you and why are you on this feed?

    • Ryu September 3, 2012 at 10:48 pm

      I am Ryu, a white nationalist.

      The bosses want to introduce new elements and want more content. You might call it diversity. COC has always had great information, but hitherto with no purpose in mind.

      Purpose is one thing I have. My purpose for writing is to assist other WNs, to motivate them, save them time, and to demonstrate what is possible.

  3. it training and consulting September 5, 2012 at 3:04 am

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    • Ryu September 6, 2012 at 12:19 am

      I know many WN and holocaust revision sites that have been hacked. The best defense seems to be very strong passwords and frequent backups. Internet security seems to come down to introducing some inconvenience into your life.

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