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What Happens When Survivalists Face Cops?

Everyone knows what happens when the ordinary criminal goes up against the pigs.  The cops call in about 50 backup guys with a chopper and they try their “shock and awe” trickery.  At Waco it took 500 cops, national guard, FBI and ATF to take down about 100 women and children.  At Ruby Ridge, 400 of the same to assassinate one family.  But what do you think happens when a survivalist who has trained to deal with their techniques?

Stories like this don’t get much press.  The police gain most of their victories by the mistakes of the opponents, and by reputation.  They are not invincible gods with secret ninja techniques.  Make another guy fear you, have a willing media that reinfoces your invincibility and most won’t even try to win.

I missed this story about a year ago.  A guy gets dinged for erratic driving, shoots at the police then its off to the races.  The survivalist led the police, SWAT and the FBI into the forest where he made his escape.  He has not been caught.



One response to “What Happens When Survivalists Face Cops?

  1. Giovanni Dannato August 31, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    It doesn’t seem like this guy was any angel. Or the people at Waco for that matter.

    What strikes us, whatever we may think of these people, though is the overwhelming disproportionate response. It makes anyone wonder what would happen if they stepped out of line.

    Even worse, these disproportionate actions have encouraged people like Timothy McVeigh.

    I can’t help but wonder if that guy might have been less fearful, more willing to pull over if he hadn’t already been locked up 10 years for possessing a machine gun.
    That seems an awful long time if he didn’t actually use the machine gun to commit a crime.

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