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Syrian Reflections

The regime of Bashar al Assad has repeatedly been pronounced dead or near dead in recent weeks by the Western press.

Their rationale:  The Syrian military no longer controls the whole of the country and is now beset by NATO.

Yet I have my doubts that a popular overthrow as in Libya or Egypt will take place.  The Alawis and Christians of Syria were persecuted minorities before they rose to power under the protection of colonial masters.

Thus there can be no easy resolution to this conflict because the minority groups in control of the country have everything to lose should they fall.  Not only would they go back to being despised minorities, all the pent up rage at the indiscretions of their leaders would certainly be released on them.

By understanding this terror of falling from power and being ripped apart by the masses, we can understand why the present Syrian government has resorted to extreme measures to assert its rule and why Bashar’s father Hafez al Assad was even more decisive and brutal when faced with armed rebellion in the Sunni towns.

The Alawis and Christians feel themselves locked in a fight for survival against the Sunnis.  But they have proven unable to control the Sunni areas of the country and may soon have to have to contend with a no-fly zone that will further limit their ability to extend their reach.

We may see an Alawi Syrian leader functioning as mayor of Damascus and Aleppo while the poorer cities and rural areas effectively become a Sunni Arab nation.

Though NATO involvement enabled the overthrow of Qaddafi in Libya, the same thing seems unlikely to happen in Syria.  Shia Iran has every intention of keeping friendly Shi’ites in power on the border with Israel and is willing to keep the Assad regime in power, on an IV drip if necessary.  Russia and China have grown wary of NATO’s interventionism.  Turkey once again, is upset about Kurdish regions becoming cross-border safe havens amidst the chaos.
In short, the US has much to lose by direct intervention in Syria for very little gain.

Perhaps we might eventually see an urban Alawi-led Syria with a relationship to a poorer and more rural majority Sunni Syria not unlike that between Israel and the West Bank and Gaza Strip?

Would love any insight from readers in or near the region.

4 responses to “Syrian Reflections

  1. Nestorius August 30, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Everything that’s happening in Syria right now is a Masonic play. There is no revolution, there is no Asad regime and there is no Syrian “free” army. The hidden hand that is moving Bashar is the same hand that is moving the revolution.
    Check this picture commemorating the 1982 Hama massacre: The Masonic pyramid with the eye of Satan on the top are obvious in the picture. The picture is found here:, in an Arabic article that says “Hama: anqa Suriya”, i.e. “Hama: the phoenix of Syria”.

    • Giovanni Dannato August 30, 2012 at 1:50 pm

      Hi, Nestorius. It’s well known in this part of the internet that you hail from Lebanon. It’s good to hear from someone who lives close to the action.

      Is it necessary though to explain events through Masonites manipulating in the background?

      I guess the most important questions to answer would be: What’s in it for them?
      What are their goals here and how do their actions accomplish these goals?

      • Nestorius August 30, 2012 at 3:26 pm

        1) Population reduction in Syria.
        2) Destruction to be followed by reconstruction projects, just as they did in Lebanon especially in old Beirut. Rafic Hariri was a high degree mason (something from 30 to 33) and he was one of the biggest agents of destruction. He funded both sides of the conflict, and he set the plans of reconstructing old Beirut (Solidere company) during the war not after the war. The motto of the Masonic 33 degree is “Ordo ab Chao”.
        3) The whole play is about cutting the only remaining path between Iran and Hezbollah, for the soon to come war against Iran and Hezbollah. Bashar can’t publicly oppose Hezbollah just like that so there must be a play to be played on the minds of humans. These people like to manipulate minds.
        4) The real movers of Bashar are Taha Mikati and Najib Mikati. The Mikatis are Masons and take their orders directly from England. Check the website of M1 Group, the Mikatis’ company: Well once you open the website, you can see the Masonic “All Seeing Eye” welcoming you on the start page; nothing could be more obvious about their belongingness. So at the end, Bashar takes his orders from London.

  2. Nestorius August 30, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    In general, it’s all for the purpose of serving the plan of the “New World Order” or “One World Order”.

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