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Synthetic Biology Stuff

Life may be the software that makes its own hardware, but where is the compiler? If we plan to start programming life itself, we are going to need a radically different and better tool kit than the one available to geneticists today. Omri lays out a concrete vision for how such a tool would work and for how it would be used to create the bio-products our future needs so badly.

Here is a flash explanation of the PCR process that is commonly used at labs to look at DNA:


PCR (short for Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a relatively simple and inexpensive tool that you can use to focus in on a segment of DNA and copy it billions of times over. PCR is used every day to diagnose diseases, identify bacteria and viruses, match criminals to crime scenes, and in many other ways. Step up to the virtual lab bench and see how it works!

There has been an on-going effort to create open-source tools that can be used to standardize synthetic biology.

You can view courses on Synthetic Biology from the Open WetWare wiki here:

Here you can get a free open-source project kit with educational materials here:

You can get some basic news and look at the different initiatives like BioBricks here:

Here is a partial list of different open-labs and meet-ups for amateurs to use:

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