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Transforming Money Into Power

When peasant-minded people get money, they spend it on things. Then they need to go out and get more money. This is the story of a peasant life. To a peasant, exchanging money for things is the purpose of capital.

A noble minded individual must satisfy the needs of survival like anyone else but they are most interested in transforming capital into forms of power, influence, and legitimacy.

Every aspect of our society indoctrinates us into a helpless, reactive, consumer frame of mind.
In short, we sit around like sheep waiting to purchase products and services that pop out of nowhere. Everything about our lifestyle and world view is impotent and reactive. The consumer is a peasant.

What can we accomplish if we stop limiting ourselves and begin to consider the true potential of money?

Let’s consider a 20 dollar bill. Our first impulse is probably to think of things we could buy with it. This is the consumer mind in action.

The noble sees the 20 dollars as a measure of force. Though a modest amount of capital, it is still quite powerful if used judiciously.
Think of it: you can have another person do whatever you want done for perhaps a couple of hours as if you had just cast a magic spell!
Now that is power! That is exerting influence rather than passively waiting for a coercer to tell you what to do.

As peasants, we are taught to exchange money for things without any thought of the power relationship involved in the purchase. We do not ask ourselves whether the purchase represents the net gain or loss of power. This is why we remain easily herded peasants.

A noble on the other isn’t just interested in perceiving money as power. They want also to use power efficiently and effectively.

Instead of “What can I buy with 20 dollars?” the noble asks “How best can I move the world with 20 dollars?”

2 responses to “Transforming Money Into Power

  1. rey892 August 4, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    This is brilliant. I’ve begun to think along these lines…..

  2. ThousandMileMargin August 5, 2012 at 3:28 am

    You should check out the movie “The Million Pound Note” (1954, Gregory Peck).
    Wikipedia has a plot summary. Gregory Peck is given a million pound note by an eccentric millionaire and promised a job if he can survive for a month without spending it.
    The idea is that the mere fact that people know he has the note provides him with power and influence. People are happy to extend him credit, seeks his endorsement for business ventures etc. The actual possession of the note is an exploitable asset in itself even if he never spends it. The note provides and aura of fame that leads people to respect his opinion, seek his company and desire alliance and partnership with him.

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