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‘Occupy’ with Chinese characteristics

One response to “‘Occupy’ with Chinese characteristics

  1. Eric Patton August 4, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    I wonder how different the leadership is. Unofficially, the US occupy movements are being lead by career activists with at least a good decade of experience from what I’ve seen. It was first started by a few locals along with several international activists. This is true in OWS New York, Springfield, Seattle, Portland, Dallas/FortWorth and Boston.

    Others saw the movement growing and moved to support it with their skills and experience. That’s why you ended up with marxists, social organizers, anarchists, eco-warriors, artists, union members, ect all getting jumbled together with people who were unemployed or just generally pissed off. The general assembly model is widespread here in the USA because it was transplanted from Athens by Greeks who moved to New York, it’s has been one of the biggest roadblocks to success as it vastly slows down the OODA loop of the protesters. The infamous progressive stack, while not as widely adopted, guarantees even slower responses and more political infighting.

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