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Islamic Extremists in London

One response to “Islamic Extremists in London

  1. Boker tov levanon July 26, 2012 at 4:48 am
    Choudary is resented so strongly by Britons because he occupies a gray area where he enjoys the privileges of being a British citizen, but also there is the suspicion that he is given free reign for the sake of of political correctness. Many British citizens feel like they are second class citizens next to people who openly reject the country’s indigenous identity and most deeply valued freedoms.
    Muslims who value democracy openly reject Choudary because he is Salafi and presumes to speak for the entire community as if he was their sole representative, calling whoever disagrees with him kafir. Many Muslims in the West take pride in their rich tradition of debate over differing points of view, but Salafiyah rejects the traditional madhahib, the differing schools of thought. It has become increasingly fashionable as a revolutionary ideology for youth in the face of militant nationalist groups like the BNP or EDL, who reject Islam entirely and alienate immigrants.

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