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Supervillains and ‘Losers’

or So You Think You’re Part of ‘Society’

For some time now, a certain segment of an internet counterculture, especially in the manosphere have started cheering for the villains.

Villains are the epitome of the anti-social, the outsider. While the villain may have a certain audacity and strength the audience can admire, he’s also supposed to have certain flaws that cause us to totally reject his cause and ultimately despise him.

Yet what happens when millions of young men are effectively invisible outsiders?

Does the villain still seem like such a bad guy?

To begin to answer these questions:

What makes a young man part of society?
What does society owe a young man, if anything in order to gain his commitment?

We might look at historical standards to get some kind of answer to these questions.

To have a place:

A man must have at least an ongoing apprenticeship into a trade(some prospect of a career) and at least betrothal by the time he is 18 years of age.

And this is an extreme proposition. By age 18, a young man has already endured 4-5 long years of endless sexual frustration and many grueling years of training.
Nearly any long-lived culture has made sure its invested young men have had some kind of outlet long before this point.
Where is our typical ‘modern’ young man at age 18, the age of adulthood, the age beyond which he should be productive and contributing as an adult?

He has no ‘real’ job, no prospect of a job, no concrete job skills, no prospect of children or marriage, no meaningful direction from adults about how to make any of these things happen.

Everyone tells him he must get more training, invest more years of his life and then ‘society’ will welcome him into its ranks.

Grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, ‘friends’….they give a patronizing pat on the shoulder and say their variations of the same thing.
“It will all work out.”

Years pass, achievements are achieved but no future, no membership into ‘society’ materializes.

The future offers void upon void.

A less young man turns to family and authority figures. “It will all work out.” they say.

So the man now presses onwards, still not knowing towards what, if anything.

One day a demon sits with him in the small room he lives in on his sub-subsistence income.

That demon gives him the first honest conversation he’s ever heard.

“You actually fell for all of it!” The demon giggles. “Don’t you realize! Everything you’ve ever been told is a lie! They will all keep telling you the same thing even as your hair turns gray! Do you think they are really on your side? Do they really care about you?”

The young man stares mutely and dumbly at the sinister shadow that sits across from him. The demon continues:

“Young men are a dime a dozen. Not all of them can be ‘winners.’ Don’t you know that!? The attrition of young men is just how biology, how ‘society’ works! Those people who are supposed to help you: they will gladly tell you ‘everything is all right’ even as the last fading opportunities in life slip by. Subconsciously, some part of them knows you are just more meat being fed into Darwin’s grinder. After all, ‘society’ is for women and the 1/5 of men women actually want. You’re kidding yourself if you think you’re actually a member of this society. You’re on your own.”

With that last, the demon vanishes.

The man wants to forget what he heard and dismiss it as nonsense. But he can’t. It tortures him by day and in his dreams. He swings back and forth between despair and rage.

Perhaps he’s heard of the Mormon polygamists who exile their “lost boys” into our larger ‘society’. Where then does this ‘society’ send its “lost boys?” His mind is blank at this question. That blank is his life.

This is a beginning to what some have come to call: “taking the red pill.”

6 responses to “Supervillains and ‘Losers’

  1. Eric Patton July 24, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    It serves young women, until they are no longer useful. After that I hope you like cats.

    Plenty of young women are getting degrees in professions that are guarenteed unemployment or underemployment, they are over represented in Social services, Communication, Psychology, Dducation, Foreign Languages and History, English. That’s a big part of where the demand came from, they drive the consumer economy and the student loan bubble.

    Post-30 they start valueing family and relationships more than career and education. I haven’t seen a single lifestyle or marketing survey where that isn’t true. By then the sedentary lifestyle, processed food and “liberated sexuality” was worn down their sexual market value. Most of these things they didn’t even really “want”.

    Work is becoming more piecemeal, people’s concept of what it means to have a job will have to change. Women may be able to have some sort of “career” without sacrificing their ability to have a family and relationships. Right now they are using the workplace as a proxy for both career and relationships and it doesn’t work well, female intimacy doesn’t scale well into corporate politics.

    It’s possible to economically integrate them. But first, we have to integrate technology and social norms that allow more work to be done from the bottom up. And get people in the top who can provide direction without interference from the middle.

    Though god only knows how low their sexual market value will plummet when we get dolphin vaginas in sex robots with Viagra lube.

    • Giovanni Dannato July 24, 2012 at 4:49 pm

      Women can generally count on social safety nets both formal and informal by virtue of their sex, even when they are past the age of fertility.

      Not so for men.

      For starters, one might observe the ratio of homeless men vs. homeless women.

  2. Eric Patton July 24, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    The exception to this is marriage, it’s still skewed more towards women, even though they tend to be happier before the divorce. Women initiate most of the divorces, and statistically are becoming almost even to males when it comes to cheating.

    Cats, cats everywhere.

  3. Giovanni Dannato July 24, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    Invest in cat food and cat litter companies?

  4. 0x0B160D1C July 25, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    Women and especially NAMs are over represented in government jobs. Governments across the western world are far beyond bankrupt. As society collapses those jobs dissapear.

    Near future headline: “Government collpases. Women, minorities, and children hurt.”

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