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Asashoryu calls Korean journalist ‘kimchi bastard’

Korean journalist: “Grand champion, you like chanko hotpot? Dont you eat kimchi?”
Asashoryu: “Yes, I like it. I dont eat kimchi”
Korean journalist: “Kimchi is a superior foodstuff that is very good for the body, and the more you eat it, the healthier you become”
Asashoryu: “Like I said, I dont eat it”
Korean journalist: “Eating kimchi can prevent SARS, so even Mongolians like you have to eat it”
Asashoryu: “Annoying… Kimchi bastard”
Korean journalist: “Has the racial discrimination in Japan been terrible?”
Asashoryu: “No, there wasnt any particularly”
Korean journalist: “You dont have to hide it. What kind of discrimination did you face?”
Asashoryu: “No, I told you there wasnt any particularly”
Korean journalist: “particularly? That means there was some discrimination, right? What kind of discrimination?”
Asashoryu: “Look, im telling you there was none! Kimchi bastard!”


One response to “Asashoryu calls Korean journalist ‘kimchi bastard’

  1. Giovanni Dannato July 24, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    You can tell this is translated directly into English just by the awkward phrasing.

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