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Magnets As An Alternative For Brain Stimulation

Russian/Chinese research doesn’t differate between the effects of the two poles. American research (mostly Albert Roy Davis and Walter Rawls) suggests the north pole is best for the brain, the south pole seems to have a lot of negative secondary effects tied to it. This is generally true in my limited experience. Either use amazon for small magnets, or purchase a large one from an industrial supplier.
North Pole/Negative (-) Polarity:
Attracts Oxygen into Cells
Causes Muscular Contraction
Promotes Normal Fluid Elimination
Encourages DEEP Restorative Sleep
Inhibits Infection
Enhances Biological Healing
Diminishes Congestion
Reduces Inflammation
Relieves Pain
Diminishes Cholesterol, Triglyceride,
etc., Build-Up in Arteries
Dissolves Fatty and Calcium Deposits
Promotes Mental Acuity
Reduces Behavioral Problems
Neutralizes Acid of Insect Bites and Stings
Normalizes pH with Alkaline Response

South Pole/Positive (+) Polarity:
Reduces Cellular Oxygen
Calms Muscular Spasms and Cramps
Increases Intracellular Water Retention
Stimulates Wakefulness
Accelerates Microbial Growth
Inhibits Biological Healing
Heightens Congestion
Can Increase Inflammation
Intensifies Pain
Stimulates Positive Material Build-Up in Arteries
Encourages Fatty and Calcium Deposits
Causes Hyperactivity
Enhances Behavioral Problems
Promotes Discomfort from Insect Bites and Stings
Overly Acidic Metabolic Response
NOTE: The South Pole Energy is used (5-10min.) for: Under-active (hypo-active) Glands: such as Adrenal, Thyroid, Pancreas. To NEUTRALIZE Stomach Acids.
Especially IMPORTANT: Used as part of PROPER Polarity Treatment for: Bone Fractures and Cartilage Repair.
Please follow the South Pole with the SAME amount of time utilizing the North Pole Energy of the Magnet, that’s being used.

Not only has our research gone into the frequencies of the brain, but it has also encompassed increasing the sensitivity of the mind through application of magnetic energy. Our work began with small animals with a reasonably short life span. Mice were the first animals selected to be used in a series of experiments to determine the effects of magnetism on their brains and bodies.

Twelve mice were placed in a cage to be used as controls (untreated). Another twelve mice were placed in a separate cage with exposure to the South pole field of a 2000 gauss magnet, and the last twelve were put in a cage exposed to the North pole energies of a like magnet. An equal number of males and females were put in each cage. Exposure time was two months.

The untreated control mice behaved and functioned as normal mice. Without exception, the South pole mice slowly became very messy in their housekeeping, their appetites increased, they engaged in sex more, and their offspring were larger than those of the controls. Also, as time passed, they became mentally slow, loosing sensitivity to sound and light changes in the laboratory. Their young were difficult to teach the customary tests; they were lazy, listless, careless and very dirty in appearance.

The North pole mice became very neat and tidy, cleaning themselves frequently. They also became extremely sensitive to any noise or light variations in the laboratory. Their offspring were smaller than those of the controls. They were mentally superior to the controls and out performed the South pole young by several hundred percent in all phases of natural behavior. 

The South pole mice were larger, grew faster, matured sooner, and mated continually. They also died earlier than their control counterparts. The North pole mice matured slower and lived 45 to 50 percent longer than the controls. They were also mentally superior to the controls and several hundred percent smarter than the South pole mice. They were much less frequent with sexual behavior than the South pole treated mice and less than the controls. 

Rats were the next test subjects, and the results were the same as the findings with the mice. Rabbits and later cats were tested, again the results were the same as with the mice. These experiments are facts of the results of actual controlled experiments and are not theories or ideas. Anyone wishing to do so can reproduce these experiments.

Can we now program man to be more physical or mental, depending on the need of society? Based on our findings from these early experiments, we believe man can be conditioned in a like manner and his life expectancy extended far beyond what is now considered to be his three score and ten years.

Remembering that these tests were conducted on the entire body of the animal, could we by placing the North pole of a magnet directly at the center of the brain of larger animals and voluntary human subjects raise the intelligence and sensitivity?

Test results have proven beyond doubt that directing the North pole energy to the center of man’s and animal’s foreheads does improve the ESP abilities as well as increase the capacity for retention of information. As an example, when reading, studying or analyzing, use of a very small magnet from 50 to 100, not over 300, gauss for not over 10 minutes per day to the third eye which is at the exact center of the forehead, can increase the mind’s ability to store and recall more information.

Interestingly a magnet’s frequency falls far above the frequency spectrum we have found most efficient for long distance wave transmissions. Yet, they are within the range which we have proven possible. In our book, The Rainbow In Your Hands, we further explain these energies and show that the human hands possess the ability of altering and improving life and life systems. Each hand possesses an energy similar in form and effect to the magnet’s separate poles.

These energies, when understood, carry a natural healing potential and can be directed in giving strength, aiding in the reduction of pain, or speeding the body’s own repair network. You can be a natural healer, if you are not already. If you are already a natural healer, you can do better by the use and understanding of the separate energy application.

Your body, and also that of all animals and other living bodies, retains and transmits measurable energies which are bioelectrical in nature from all of its sources. Therefore, the human aura is a reality and we offer further proof of this in our book, The Rainbow In Your Hands. No longer can the existence of the biomagnetic energies and power of man’s mind and body be denied.
If a magnet is suspended with a thread, the pole pointing towards the north is called the north-pole (according to convention in physics); the other pole is the south-pole. However, in some books on bio-magnetism, especially in the USA, the poles are named conversely. For a detailed explanation about this controversy of naming poles see How Magnetic Poles Are Named.

In this article north-pole means north-pointing pole, as in physics. However, whenever it is important to avoid misunderstandings, I prefer to use the term north-pointing or south-pointing pole as then everyone knows which pole it refers to. Another way of finding the polarity of a magnet is to move it slowly towards the north-pointing end of a compass needle. If the needle turns away, the north-pointing pole of the magnet has been used, and vice versa.

(More here if you can’t figure out how to tell the polarities apart)

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