"Pay my troops no mind; they're just on a fact-finding mission."

Troll Appoints Self “Official Trainer” on Black Ops Server, Rage Ensues

As a Yank, I enjoy hearing the different accents and slang from all over the UK in General Minus’ griefing videos.
“You nob’ead!”

Minus’ patronizing attitude is made worse by the fact he has a comparatively posh London area accent. He always gets the Geordie and Scouse players stirred up into a rage by seeming to look down on them as chavs.
In one of his videos he actually calls them all ‘peasants.’

Minus is a master manipulator, maneuvering his marks into qualifying themselves even when he is obviously the one in the wrong.
He gets them to surrender their moral high ground by getting them to curse at him furiously while he sticks to superficially polite language.
Time after time, he gets them to lose their cool and from that moment, he’s the one in control.

He may start out with mere team killing, but by tacitly threatening to kill teammates, he forces them to kill him, causing them to lose points. Worse, this leaves his teammates without a clear pretext to get him banned.

Perhaps the best for last: He bluffs that he’s about to leave the server but doesn’t. Everyone obviously wants him to leave, so he toys with them keeping them in a state of suspense until he’s finally satisfied.

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