"Pay my troops no mind; they're just on a fact-finding mission."

Interview With British Muslim Group That Wants To Take Over The UK

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Muslim extremists feed mainly off of young men on the left side of the bell curve. Here you will find lots of men whose cultures lack the infrastructure and capability to copy Western advances. The  Political and religious concessions are entirely the wrong way to handle this situation, their track record for fixing terrorism and extremist cells is horrible. Ultimately they want to attack whoever the winner is in the social game, hence the focus on symbolic attacks, not functional ones.


The demagogues like the one interviewed feed off of the underclass, wherever there are socially marginalized men these sorts of groups will pop up. The attacks and organization are usually crude, though hard to defend against without striking the root of the problem. The problem isn’t just Islam, anywhere there is an underclass, enterprising manipulators will spring up to take advantage. In the context of small communities in the absence of the rule of law, manipulators will use these young men to terrify the locals into submission so that they can attach themselves as parasites.

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