"Pay my troops no mind; they're just on a fact-finding mission."

Eeben Barlow, Founder of Executive Outcomes Has A Blog

I dislike using the “when we” label, but when Executive Outcomes assisted African governments with devising military strategies, the prime strategic military targets were the sources of funding. This led to an outcry in the local and international media with wild claims that the company was interested in seizing the sources of funding – mainly diamonds and oil – for its own purposes.

Had those who shouted the loudest spent five minutes thinking about it, the reasons for following that strategy would have become quite obvious:
1.      Deny the enemy his source of income
2.      With no income, no weapons can be purchased or replaced
3.      With no funding, freedom of movement is curtailed
4.      With no funding, the enemy will slowly bleed itself into destruction.
What the military-strategists-posing-as-journalists failed to understand was that the enemy – call them rebels, terrorists, activists or whatever – were resorting to criminal and terror activities in order to overthrow legitimate governments. Link

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