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Asian Immigrants Surpass Hispanics For First Time

Note that this only covers legal immigration.

On average, they are twice as likely to have a bachelor’s degree or higher, versus other immigrants:

They are generally older than the median age, which is 36.9. The median for Whites is also 41. The native born have a much lower average age of 30.

They get along better with whites than other Asian groups it seems.

Also seem to be less likely to segregate themselves, with whites being the most likely to prefer self-segregation.

The vast majority believed that the US offered a better quality of life:

This graph shows how many want to be labeled by their ethnic country versus other labels – OkCupid data showed previously that males are much more likely to label themselves according to their ethnic country, whereas the females often don’t. 37% (!) of all recent Asian brides married a non-Asian groom.

Previous data from OkCupid shows that Asians are the most open to interracial marriage and dating, while it also shows whites are the least open of any ethnic group to interracial marriage and dating:

Another graph from that post breaks down Asian female’s replies by race:

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