"Pay my troops no mind; they're just on a fact-finding mission."

A Big Problem With Alternative Media: Fact-Checking

In my own experience watching alternative media, one of the biggest issues is source checking. The mainstream media doesn’t do it often, but neither does the alternative media. A lot of the empassioned activists simply start making things up, either to push as a narrative that they are convinced is true but no one can see, or as a conspiracy product. John Taylor Gatto was one of the people that did this. One of the more recent pieces flying around that no one did background work on was the Delphi Method:
“As the article correctly goes on to note, it was Christian homeschooling activist and researcher Bev Eakman (“Educating for the New World Order”) who began to paint the Delphi technique very differently. I like Eakman quite a bit, and she was one of the early authors who made me appreciate how much I can learn from people I vehemently disagree with. Her research was impressively & obsessively thorough, and her conclusions were often laughably hysterical. This is when I started learning to parse my sources and it was an invaluable lesson.

Just the same, man, did she ever bork up the Delphi Technique. She claimed it was directly related to “The Alinsky Method” — let’s just take second to consider the lunacy of that: a military industrial, eminently conservative think tank collaborating and conspiring with a Jewish socialist community organizer to infiltrate and neutralize community activism. I’m a student of spooks, and even by the standard of strange bedfellows, that one is a bit of stretch.

The real problem, though, was that Bev Eakman introduced “rules” for the Delphi Technique that she’d invented whole and passed off as actual documentation. Her version of Delphi appears exactly nowhere in the RAND monographs. That’s pretty problematic to me, since it bears a remarkable resemblance to “lying.” I’m sure her intentions were pure, though — zero sarcasm, she was a true believer with a good heart.

It’s important to note that Eakman only used these curious mistakes as a foundation — they were never re-examined, only built upon. She even wrote a whole book about it, “How to Counter Group Manipulation Tactics” which is quite lucid and useful despite the poisoned fruit of false assumptions and mangled history. This is a hallmark of the Conspiratainment Complex: all past work is raw material for future product, there’s very little critical assessment going on.

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