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The Liberty Dollar: An Alternate Currency Shut Down By The Feds

They sent in the freaking Secret service to shut these people down and strip them of their assets.

If I were someone just trying to stay in power at all costs, I would probably have done the same thing.

If I were someone who cared about having a better society, perhaps having only one officially approved means of exchange is just another form of a monopoly that can destroy the integrity of the system by allowing a handful of kleptocrats to take over that single narrow chokepoint and play with the lives of millions of peasants at will.

Perhaps a system of exchange that actually benefits most people requires a free market of systems of exchange, a capitalism of capitalisms.
Thus, if one system became dominated by a few winning parasites, it would get lots of downvotes and the masses of people would shift their commerce elsewhere.

For “counterfeiting” andliberty dollar “domestic terrorism.”

3 responses to “The Liberty Dollar: An Alternate Currency Shut Down By The Feds

  1. eric June 14, 2012 at 12:53 pm

    Our notion of value is changing, right down to the way that we can create it with our work. New currency will have to reflect this, and ideally give the value producers more security. It must stop from both the mafia and the state. European banking systems are a world ahead of America in terms of security except for the very wealthy (that already use a system like this):

    “FinTS (Financial Transaction Services), formerly known as HBCI (Home Banking Computer Interface), is a bank-independent protocol for online banking, developed and used by German banks.
    HBCI was originally designed by the two German banking groups Sparkasse and Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken and German higher-level associations as the Bundesverband deutscher Banken e.V.. The result of this effort was an open protocol specification, which is publicly available. The standardisation effort was necessary to replace the huge number of deprecated homemade software clients and servers (some of them still using BTX emulation). While IFX (Interactive Financial Exchange), OFX (Open Financial Exchange) and SET are tailored for the North American market, HBCI is designed to meet the requirements of the European market.”

    Local currencies have generally been off the radar of both the mafia and the state, and digital ones are too emphysema to be latched unto.

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