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Debunking Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist, The Movie is a film that was released on Google Video in the spring of 2007 and was created by Peter Joseph. Essentially the video covers three areas of Interest: Part I, entitled “The Greatest Story Ever Told” evaluates Christian beliefs and asserts that it was all taken from pre-existing myths, primarily Egyptian mythology. In Part II, entitled “All The World’s a Stage” it goes on to talk about how the US Government knew about the attacks on September 11th, 2001 before hand and that it was a large conspiracy and cover up — essentially an it was an inside job. Lastly we are told in Part III, entitled “Don’t Mind The Men Behind The Curtain”, that powerful bankers and world leaders are conspiring for world domination and consolidation of power. Link

One response to “Debunking Zeitgeist

  1. Sam June 12, 2012 at 11:56 am

    The link was not persuasive to me. There’s just too many signs that agents others than the hijackers were responsible or complicit. Some of the most persuasive to me that it was an inside job.
    1. Mossad everywhere. What were they doing there filming. Why were some caught in a van that exploded that day. On and on and on.
    2. If the building falls straight down as it did, beams should be sticking up through the concrete flooring. Like paper impaled on a paper punch.
    3. Building 7. The whole thing stinks. Just one point about the debunking evidence they produced. The generators were fed fuel from the basement. No power. They need pumps to move the fuel. Typically the run tanks adjacent to the generators are smaller for fire safety. I know this from experience. However I admit I do not know how big they were in building 7.
    4. In building 7 we have multiple eyewitness accounts of large explosions well before the building collapsed.
    5. All things take the path of least resistance. Electricity, water and large buildings collapsing. The debris should have spread out more.
    7.It just goes on and on. There’s so many holes in the standard line that the standard story seems fantastical.

    Maybe I’m wrong. Believing that our Gov. was involved has been very stressful. I wish I didn’t believe it.

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