"Pay my troops no mind; they're just on a fact-finding mission."

Very few places left to run

We look at Eastern Europe – we find the Mafia. Western Europe, hardcore Green-Leftists that are forcing energy austerity. In China, you have to deal with the Party if you want to get anything meaningful done. In the US we have a collage of established interests that would make even the most hardened mortician giggle. In Latin America, corruption is the norm, a gringo tax is standard for the outsiders.

There isn’t any magical land over the rainbow where things magically get better, no one has figured out a new socio-economic model to cope with the changes in technology and economic incentives.

The choice is simple, try to create something local and resilient, or vagabond around the world looking for jurisdictions that cater to high-skilled or valuable nomads. If you stay in one place, get very familiar with your homeowners association, county government, state government and their laws on things like rainwater harvesting and gardening restrictions. Get familiar with the problems that the FDA creates for local farmers, and the methods they use to infiltrate farming co-ops. The vast majority of people simply aren’t going to make the cut as a mobile elite, and so they will have to adapt to changing circumstances locally rather than globally.

 Credit for infographic Al Fin borrowed from Forbes India

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