"Pay my troops no mind; they're just on a fact-finding mission."

Sometimes Dictators Are The Lesser Evil

“The minority rulers grant more rights to other minorities than an elected majority would do. So we should not look upon elected majority governments as automatically a good thing.

I had low expectations for Egypt’s revolution because the Egyptians are very illiberal and are strongly opposed to religious and personal freedom. What’s not clear: How illiberal are the Syrians? How much more oppressive will the future democratically elected Syrian government be toward Christians, Alawites, and other religious minorities? How many rights will women lose? Link

In Egypt to be moderate means to be moderate by Egyptian Muslim values. Well according to a Pew poll 84% of Egyptian Muslims favor death for apostasy (leaving Islam). That is what it means to be moderate in Egypt.

About eight-in-ten Muslims in Egypt and Pakistan (82% each) endorse the stoning of people who commit adultery; 70% of Muslims in Jordan and 56% of Nigerian Muslims share this view. Muslims in Pakistan and Egypt are also the most supportive of whippings and cutting off of hands for crimes like theft and robbery; 82% in Pakistan and 77% in Egypt favor making this type of punishment the law in their countries, as do 65% of Muslims in Nigeria and 58% in Jordan. When asked about the death penalty for those who leave the Muslim religion, at least three-quarters of Muslims in Jordan (86%), Egypt (84%) and Pakistan (76%) say they would favor making it the law; in Nigeria, 51% of Muslims favor and 46% oppose it.

These numbers illustrate how the American Left’s embrace of multi-culturalism is intellectually and morally bankrupt. All the different religions and value systems of the world are not compatible. Many cultural and religious differences matter a great deal.” Link

In Cairo today, there is no longer a sense of a traditionally patriarchal society yielding to the democratic spirit of the Arab Spring. Instead, the hundreds of thousands of women who contributed so much to the downfall of President Hosni Mubarak find themselves marginalised, if not ignored.

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