"Pay my troops no mind; they're just on a fact-finding mission."

U.S. Army Police Intelligence Fraudulent Law Enforcement Credentials and Badges Guide

(U/FOUO/LES) Once being granted access to the
military installation or federal facility, the
investigators proceeded to areas that were designed
as “Restricted Area” or “Authorized Personnel
Only” and were able to wander around without being
challenged by employees or security personnel. On
one military installation, investigators were able to
go to the police station and request local background
checks on several fictitious names. All that was
required was displaying the fraudulent badge and
credentials to a police officer working the
communications desk.
(U/FOUO/LES) In preparation for the operation,
investigators conducted internet research to
determine if certain military installations and federal
facilities had posted access control policies available
for public view. The research found at least 12
military installations through the US have published
their access control policies online for public view.
After reviewing the policies, investigators found
consistently, producing federal law enforcement
credentials to security personnel allow for unescorted
access to the installations.

(U) Ten years after the GAO’s investigation highlighted the security risks with using fraudulent
law enforcement identification, security procedures have not changed. By examining how access
to our critical assets and infrastructure can be compromised and security checks points almost
eliminated by individuals using fraudulent law enforcement credentials, government stakeholders
must develop security plans that address these issues. While conducting the security tests the
investigators did not however, that some of the fraudulent badges used were of such high quality
that a reasonable person would not be able to tell the difference between a genuine and


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