No-Till Gardening – Masanobu Fukuoka

Fukuoka practices a system of farming he refers to as “natural farming.” Although some of his practices are specific to Japan, the governing philosophy of his method has successfully been applied around the world. In India, natural farming is often referred to as “Rishi Kheti.”

The essence of Fukuoka’s method is to reproduce natural conditions as closely as possible. There is no plowing, as the seed germinates quite happily on the surface if the right conditions are provided. Link

Special note when using newspaper as a weed barrier, don’t use pages with colored inks. They have toxins in them. 

Also note that the method varies in effectiveness, it will usually require several years of soil work, even then it would probably produce better with some work done to it. My own experience with growing has lead me to favor trying new technologies for growing in the future. Different types of soil enrichment exists for different types of soil. Before you grow, I’d recommend sending your soil to a lab to have it tested to figure out what the base contents of it is, usually agricultural universities offer this service.

One Straw Revolution

How to Grow Winter Wheat – The Fukuoka – Bonfils Method

The Natural Way of Farming

Nat Ag Winter Wheat in N Europe by Marc Bonfils

Some modern stuff on it here:

(check the pirate bay for gardening torrents – they have a wide selection)

By Eric Patton

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