US Department of Education Literacy Survey

A Short Overview of Literacy in the US:

A larger study (2002):

I think of these studies as the antidote to Utopian thinking. A minimum of 46% of the population is likely too far behind to reap any serious rewards from new technology. For all the flack sites like facebook and twitter catch, they were useful in organizing the Arab Spring precisely because they are so simple. If you want to be a social entreprenuer, look at the lives of your customers, and figure out something useful from their view.

IQ scores by country

Egypt 81

Tunisia 83

Libya 83

Yemen 85

Syria 83

Bahrain 83

Lebanon 82 Link

By Eric Patton

Well look down Yonder Gabriel, put your feet on the
land and see

But Gabriel don't you blow your trumpet till you hear
from me

There ain't no grave can hold my body down

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