"Pay my troops no mind; they're just on a fact-finding mission."

Narco-Cartels & Tunnels

An article on the use of tunnels by Narco-Traffickers is linked below. The Narco Cartels are much more effective and sophisticated than Al Qaeda, the primary branch of which didn’t even bother using encryption. They are not an ideological small time non-profit trying to inspire global change (however perverse that change may be), rather they are an efficient and expanding business operation. Contrast the Narco-Gangs and their private cell phone networks and capture of most of the Mexican government. When they are threatened by vigilante groups they respond with threats (they use torture more than words), kidnapping or executions. They are much larger threat overall considering their proximity and the ease with which they can pass as normal Americans.

The discovery of the Calexico tunnel brought a moment of reflection. As of April 2003, 21 tunnels had been found since 1990 — a number a thousand feet long. Drug traffickers are relying more on tunnels to avoid tightened US port security following 11 September. Four of the 21 tunnels had cart and rail systems while nine were equipped with lights and ventilation systems. Some had steel rails to support carts to be drawn through. Seven were in the San Diego County region and 14 were in the Arizona region. Twenty were near ports of entry.

Finding these tunnels is not simple. Soil and geological variations in concert with power line interference makes the use of radar, sonar and electromagnetic radiation tools problematic. Examination of likely areas in concert with background checks and property record examinations on persons of interest carry much of the load. Tipoffs and chance are a major boon.

The rising question is whether terrorists could, for a price, be permitted to smuggle weapons, components, and personnel into the US. If illicit drugs and aliens can be brought across, then terrorists or WMD components can also come across.

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