"Pay my troops no mind; they're just on a fact-finding mission."

An Innovative SWAT Tactic, Future SWAT Needs Strong Leadership

The downside of the extensive rote training that most special operations and SWAT guys have to undergo is that they start to see all situations as needing to be solved with the narrow set of tools they train with everyday. Combined with extreme stress which inhibits the brains ability to think creatively, it locks people into repetitive actions and modes of thought. The military and the militarized police community is extremely good at creating shooters, but it needs leaders a lot more. Tech is no replacement for good leadership.

They need the kinds of people who have both depth and range, so that they can understand that concepts like siege ladders or rat tunneling through walls in urban areas aren’t really that new. That understand that if the team loses control of the streets against serious criminals, they are essentially sitting ducks with only a lightly armored vehicle to protect them from the surrounding urban area with dozens or more windows where snipers can take potshots with .50 weapons (urban conflict is most likely as certain cities become more dangerous). It’s simply that they haven’t come in contact with these methods yet, in other words they are reactionary. It’s very hard to be the biggest tribe without being proactive.

Fearing for the public’s safety, police shut down the freeway and bridge, as well as established a tight perimeter surrounding the hotel. Mutual-aid reinforcements are requested, including the SWAT teams from Marin and Sonoma counties. In all, 75 LEOs participated in the ensuing barricade. The five-story high hotel rests on the high-ground, and the suspect was isolated in a room on the second floor. It was initially believed he was holding his girlfriend hostage, and threatening to kill her.

Shortly after midnight, SWAT employed a large construction crane, and from a safe standoff distance, lowered an 8-by-10 foot, one-inch thick, steel plate that completely covered the suspect’s hotel-room window. This effectively blocked the suspect’s ability to shoot at and endanger officers or the public.  This allowed both the freeway and bridge to be reopened again, after being closed for 12 hours.  Link

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