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Psi/Controlled Remote Viewing Testing Resources

Online Website with cards, RV practice, ect… best of its kind:

A simple precog/TK testing site with 6 images:

Ganzfeld Applet (for relaxation)

Simple site with some different tests and some papers:

A Psi game site, visually appealing…

Neuropsychological profile of Ingo Swann during remote viewing:

Michael Persinger, winner of the 2007 Best Lecturer Competition, on Just Suppose You Could Know What Others Are Thinking: No More Secrets

Controlled Remote Viewing Manual:

To digress for just a moment, in this regard, the processes of Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) are of the active PERCEANT type as distinguished from the passive PERCAPERE type. 
When the essential downfall of CRV occurred about 1988-89, it did so because of the failure to maintain the two seminal distinctions — i.e., by retreating back into the dominant concept of perception as only in-flowing.
But the reasons for the failure to maintain the distinctions are very easy to account for. You see, the conceptual consensus reality regarding perception is that it consists only of in-flow “of impressions.” (I’ll unfold ahead and in other essays the humorous and comic aspects of this failure.)

Apparent Association Between Effect Size In Free Response Anomalous Cognition Experiments And Local Sidereal Time

US Navy Sidereal time calculator

For those who don’t want to wait, Remote Viewing comes up now and then in tabloid-style stories. These are usually not as well written as the tabloids at the store, and not as interesting either, but given there isn’t much media coverage of RV, we take what we can get.

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