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Karl Marx v. William Shakespeare On Conflict

There are two competing paradigms one might use to think about conflict. The first is the Karl Marx version. Conflict exists because people disagree about things. The greater the differences, the greater the conflict. The bourgeoisie fights the proletariat because they have completely different ideas and goals. This is the internal perspective on fighting; there is an absolute, categorical difference between you and your enemy. This internal narrative is always a useful propaganda tool. Good vs. evil is powerfully motivational.

The other version is Shakespeare. This could be called the external perspective on fighting; from the outside, all combatants sort of look alike.

Two houses. Alike. Yet they seem to hate each other. In a very dynamic process, they grow ever more similar as they fight. They lose sight of why they’re fighting to begin with.


One response to “Karl Marx v. William Shakespeare On Conflict

  1. Aesop June 4, 2014 at 1:24 am

    Well, this conflict give at Shakespeare’s obvious victory. Marx is important, but Shakespeare is live for 400 years.

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