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Gender Quotas

So few women attend the annual Davos World Economic Forum that they require one out of five delegates ($500,000 for 5 seats) of strategic partners to be a woman, in spite of the fact that they make only 3% of board members in the US and UK. This year had an all time high of 17% women attending.

Since 2008, Norway has made it mandatory that corporate boards be composed of a minimum of 40% women, any major private company listed in the Oslo stock exchange who does not do this suffers heavy fines and penalties. Norway isn’t known for much except a high quality of life and petroleum, with very little investment in diverse economic activities except token cancer -biotech research. How did the private firms react? Some sold their businesses to foreign competitors, who were exempt from the rule. Others simply put female family members on the board. And quite a few actually played along. Other Scandinavian countries without oil are now looking to apply this model to their own countries.

Sheryl Sandberg on Why we have so few female leaders – Note 12 minutes and on – childbirth – 2 years maternal leave – Most people can’t get away with a full week’s vacation without ending up doing a working vacation. The gender math won’t add up until technology makes parenting a hands-off experience, or you change the nature of the corporation. Interestingly enough, both are happening.

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