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Global investors high on Bernanke, U.S. markets rebound

Still betting on late 2016-early 2018 crash. When it hits you won’t have to ask if it hit, in the mean time lots of volatility but an overall recovery. I’ll be buying with both fists “when blood is in the street”. Right now it looks like they still have international confidence, even though a lot of countries are trying to diversify out of the dollar.

“There is no other choice than the U.S.,” Kenichi Katsuhara, a poll participant and credit default swap trader with Aozora Bank in Tokyo, says in an email. “Companies in the U.S. are chugging along” while consumers could benefit from a “drop in commodity prices.”
More investors expect oil prices to fall over the next six months than to rise, 35 percent to 31 percent, the first time that’s been the case since September. Respondents also are the most bullish on the dollar since September, when they were first asked about their investment intentions regarding the greenback. Close to two in five say they are adding to their dollar positions, while only about one in 10 are reducing them.

The Fed gets a lot of credit from investors for its handling of the U.S. economy, based on the poll. Four in five say the Fed has done a better job in handling the problems facing the U.S. economy than the European Central Bank has in coping with its region’s troubles.

The financial crisis in Europe is seen as a “high threat” to the global economy over the next year, according to more than half of those polled.

More than three in five investors identify the European Union as among the worst-performing markets over the next year. That’s up from less than half who said that in the last survey in January and is the poorest rating for any market since the poll began asking that question in October 2009. Link

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