"Pay my troops no mind; they're just on a fact-finding mission."

Samurai Were Mainly Urban Bureaucrats

After 1600, when the Tokugawa shoguns took over, Japan was at peace for the next 250 years. The samurai warrior class became an educated urban elite who worked as state bureaucrats.

This is why movies like The Last Samurai that depict the samurai class as medieval warriors living up in the mountains are utter nonsense.
That film also doesn’t bother to mention that the Meiji government depicted as the bad guys, was pretty much run by ex-samurai.

As for the sort of person who watches documentaries about ninjas on the history channel and reads the code of Bushido so they can follow the way of the warrior…
Bushido was written by samurai bureaucrats with water cooler politics more in mind than actual fighting.


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