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Osama bin Laden didn’t use encryption

Over the long term we’re forcing them to get wise and step up their technological game. Much like what happened in Iraq, we killed or arrested all the dumb hot headed terrorists, selecting heavily for the calculating kind. But we also put most of the experienced bomb makers away and took away traditional materials, so the bombs became more amateurish. Selecting for less technical skill, because of the training time and materials cost. Technology has always been the Achilles heel of the Islamic terrorists.

Osama bin Laden didn’t use encryption to protect the thousands of files stored in the Pakistani compound where he was killed. 17 of the 6,000 documents have now been publicly released.

“Bin Ladin’s frustration with regional jihadi groups and his seeming inability to exercise control over their actions and public statements is the most compelling story to be told on the basis of the 17 de-classified documents. “Letters from Abbottabad” is an initial exploration and contextualization of 17 documents that will be the grist for future academic debate and discussion.” Link

also (lol @ the closed source homebrew program):

Woolwich Crown Court was told that Bangladeshi Islamic activists who were in touch with Karim had rejected the use of common modern systems such as PGP or TrueCrypt in favour of a system which used Excel transposition tables, which they had invented themselves.

But the underlying code system they used predated Excel by two millennia. The single-letter substitution cipher they used was invented by the ancient Greeks and had been used and described by Julius Caesar in 55BC.

Karim, an IT specialist, had used PGP, but for storage only.

Despite urging by the Yemen-based al Qaida leader Anwar Al Anlaki, Karim also rejected the use of a sophisticated code program called “Mujhaddin Secrets”, which implements all the AES candidate cyphers, “because ‘kaffirs’, or non-believers, know about it so it must be less secure”. Link

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