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Protestantism vs. Catholicism: Food and Drink

The Dutch and Flemish speak a mutually intelligible language, are of similar ethnic stock yet could not agree to be in the same nation. In fact, they violently disagreed.
One of the big causes for the divide:
The Dutch are protestant.
The Flemish are Catholic.

Thus I see the Dutch and Flemish as an excellent case study of the effects higher systems of belief exert on the details of everyday life.

Dutch food

Dutch drink

Flemish food

Flemish drink

2 responses to “Protestantism vs. Catholicism: Food and Drink

  1. eric1one April 30, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    I think it’s partially an economic problem, you usually end up with one culture subsidizing another one that has backwards values. It slowly builds up, compounding until a financial crisis hits. Probably going to see this between the nations in the EU over time.
    Since the 1960s and continuing into the present time, Flanders is significantly richer than Wallonia. Based on population[16] and GDP [17] figures for 2007, GDP per capita in that year was 28286 € (38186 $) in Flanders and 20191 € (27258 $) in Wallonia. Although equalization payments between richer and poorer regions are common in federal states, the amount, the visibility and the utilization of these financial transfers are a singularly important issue for the Flemish Movement. A study by the University of Leuven[18] has estimated the size of the transfers from Flanders to Wallonia and Brussels in 2007 at 5.7 billion euros. If the effect of interest payments on the national debt is taken into account the figure could be as high as 11.3 billion euros or more than 6% of Flemish GDP.[19][20] Flemish criticism is not limited to the size of the transfers but also extends to the lack of transparency and the presumed inability or unwillingness of the recipients to use the money wisely and thus close the economic gap with Flanders.

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