"Pay my troops no mind; they're just on a fact-finding mission."

GWOT Logistics – No Longer Reliant On Mooching

I was amazed when I first realized how minimally supported our SEALs were. Up until recently the approach to logistics support ashore for SPECWAR operators was jokingly referred to as “go forward and mooch.” There was no planned, let alone dedicated, support for the Navy’s premier warfighters ashore. SEALs would literally figure it out when they got there, cobbling together support for basics like food and transportation, from wherever they could. In fact, Operation Iraqi Freedom was the first time in Naval Special Warfare history a dedicated logistics element deployed with the operational force. In after action reports of the conflict, SPECWAR leadership cited logistics support as a “force multiplier” and a key factor in their historic mission success. Logistics support simply “allowed SPECWAR operators to do things they otherwise could not have done.” Link

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