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The Original Real Time Strategy Game

One response to “The Original Real Time Strategy Game

  1. eric1one April 29, 2012 at 2:07 am

    The last RTS I played, EndWar, was pretty fun.

    It was essentially a game of 3d rocks-papers-scissors, with special abilities and faction bonuses. Simply hit your strength against their weakness. I figured out a strategy of using tanks rolling down the center line combined with later backups from transports and choppers to defend them – essentially I had a secure rolling supply line in the shape of a snake that could break any center of gravity. If I wanted to switch things up I would run recon missions with SOF infantry guiding air strikes or sometimes artillery.

    American’s had special robotics abilities and long range, EU had speed and agility, Russians had firepower and armor. I made it into the top 12 ranking, switching factions around when I got bored, but couldn’t grind out enough games to keep my placement.

    I could beat most of the top players with the right conditions, but one ruthless Japanese guy had an ingenious strategy for taking wins from me: he would perma-kill all my experienced units even if it meant me perma-killing 2 or more of his elite units. Every move I made I was guaranteed a loss. Eventually I stopped trying to take objectives and just started trapping his units and perma-killing them.

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